Our Impact

There are 1.3 billion people in the world without access to electricity. SparkMeter enables utilities that are bringing power to the powerless.

The Challenge

Energy poverty – the circumstance of depending on low quality fuels and inefficient end-uses, or conversely, the lack of access to modern energy services – is one of the defining global issues of our time. Globally, 1.3 billion people, mainly in developing countries, lack access to electricity.

What We've Done

International impact, rural experience.

From micro-grids to central grid extensions, there’s incredible work being done all over the world to bring electricity access to underserved communities. At SparkMeter, we’re here to design, build, and refine technology to help utilities manage and run sustainable and high-quality power systems and businesses.

We believe that with access to the right technology, utilities can viably and sustainably serve low-income households that previously have been cut off from access to traditional grids. And that it is electricity and the services derived from it that unlock and create opportunities for underserved communities to achieve great things.

We're supporting connections in 22 countries, with more added daily.

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