RF Mesh

SparkMeter solves connectivity to the grid edge for any environment

Whether your grid environment has a reliable high bandwidth connection, intermittent 3G backhaul, or is operating via satellite connection, Sparkmeter’s Nova + RF Mesh Network brings visibility to every meter.

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Radio Frequency Mesh Network IoT at the grid edge in any environment

Sparkmeter operates in environments across the globe, from dense urban areas to remote rural communities. Wherever your customers are, we maintain a durable, clear connection to each meter.

Proprietary Technology, Purpose-Built

  • Patent-pending RF Mesh network connects up to 2,000 meters per Nova head end, capable of extending over a 2 mile / 3.5 km radius.
  • Scale up with multiple low cost Nova units to extend reach indefinitely.

Redundancy & Overlap Ensures Reliability

  • Each smart meter has its own communication module to communicate with Nova.
  • Each meter also stores data locally to bridge intermittency in backhaul to Nova.

Flexible & Secure

  • Proprietary communications protocol minimizes interference in urban environments.
  • Propagation around buildings, trees and other structures simplifies deployment requirements.

Ready to put your data to work for you?

Learn how the RF Mesh can improve your utility.

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Nova: The control center for your distribution grid, all in one integrated design

The Nova Grid Edge Management Unit is a data efficient, cutting-edge and affordable hardware solution that manages data from each meter on your grid.

More Information, with Less Bandwidth

  • All meter data is stored and accessible even with limited or intermittent bandwidth. You get the data availability you need with lower data usage.
  • Access every possible piece of information about the distribution system, then use that information to take decisive action.
  • Connectivity approach is prioritized to your spec, with visibility enabling easy configuration and troubleshooting.

Easy, Flexible, Plug & Play

  • Nova works out of the box. Connect it to the SparkMeter Koios platform immediately after installation.
  • Ensure connectivity and minimize data costs. Use any local SIM card or connect through two separate ethernet ports. Prioritize internet options to ensure reliability and cost minimization.

Built for Extremes

  • Store data locally during periods of intermittent connectivity.
  • Low-bandwidth compatible (2.5G EDGE or better)

Ready to put your data to work for you?

Learn how the RF Mesh can improve your utility.

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