Data engineering platform

SparkMeter makes your existing data visible, integrated, and actionable.

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Deploy with ease

SparkMeter’s Data Engineering Platform is lightweight to deploy but a heavyweight when it comes to improving your utility’s internal operational efficiency

Level up utilities big & small

For utilities that can’t afford teams of engineers and data scientists to crunch numbers, SparkMeter’s Data Engineering Platform is the right solution.

Maximize your team’s output

The Data Engineering Platform underlies applications like GridFin and GridScan and instantly frees your technical teams from repetitive and distracting spreadsheet formatting, data cleaning and organizing. Instead, you and your teams can receive outputs on demand and collaborate to solve problems every day.

How The Data Engineering Platform  works

The Data Engineering Platform incorporates the following types of data, and more.

Capture data sources

GIS and connectivity


AMI Interval Data

Supply contracts

Substation interval data


The Data Engineering Platform organizes each of your data sources into an accessible format.  AMI, GIS, asset, and supply data is organized for SparkMeter applications like GridFin and GridScan. This also becomes available to third-party services or customized applications. This eliminates the need to download, format, clean and organize data manually.


SparkMeter applications analyze data according to the critical needs of a distribution utility.  This is possible because SparkMeter utility and power system experts understand the analytics you need to manage an electric grid.  More general analytics platforms or those adapted from other industries don’t have this specificity.


GridFin and GridScan automate common workflows to save your team’s time. The power to analyze large pools of data enables outputs at the push of a button that would never be possible to assemble otherwise, such as true cost of power every minute of the year or a “P&L” for every customer meter. Organizing your data via the Data Engineering Platform automates wherever possible to make your job easier, your work safer and your service better.

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