AMI + Grid Monitoring

Cost-effective hardware built for the grid edge.

Metering with built-in mesh network communications and internet agnostic backhaul. We provide the world’s best performing RF solution in areas with low bandwidth internet.

Our metering promise

Easy to deploy

SparkMeter’s plug-and-play metering system is easy to install and works out-of-the-box. Our meters are easily installed by technicians with basic electricity skills. Meters connect to our software automatically the moment they are connected to power.

Robust communication

Our meters communicate via a patent-pending and purpose-built radio-frequency (RF) mesh network built specifically for emerging markets with low-bandwidth and intermittent power. Our technology transmits data over the free-to-use 2.4GHz RF band, which means that you can deploy SparkMeter meters without requesting specific authorizations from regulators in the vast majority of countries. Learn more here.

Unhindered flexibility

Our metering system is in use by over 40 utilities in 25 countries. It is designed with flexibility at its core to enable different business models, tariff types, payment and billing modes and operations.
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The Advantage Meter Suite product family

The SMRSD single-phase DIN rail smart electricity meter

The SMRPI three-Phase IEC smart electricity meter

Our Customer Interface Unit (CIU)

SM200E monitor for loss detection

Field-level control center in one integrated design.

A data efficient, cutting-edge and affordable hardware solution, Nova offers utilities enhanced data and control of metering operations.

More Information, with Less Bandwidth

All meter data is stored and accessible even with limited or intermittent bandwidth. You get the data availability you need with lower data usage.

Access every possible piece of information about the distribution system, then use that information to take decisive action.

Connectivity approach is prioritized to your spec, with visibility enabling easy configuration and troubleshooting.

Easy, Flexible, Plug & Play

Nova works out of the box. Connect it to the SparkMeter Koios platform immediately after installation.

Use any local SIM card or connect any ethernet modem.

Built for Extremes

Low-bandwidth compatible (2.5G EDGE or better).

Store data locally during periods of intermittent connectivity.