We deliver world-class solutions for electric utilities in developing markets

What we do

3.5 billion people across the world live without reliable electricity access. Our simple plug-and-play solution enables microgrids and distribution utilities operating in hard-to-reach places to improve their operations and help them achieve financial sustainability through a range of features like flexible billing, customer communications and remote monitoring and control.


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Our mission & values

We envision a world where all people have access to clean, reliable and affordable electricity. In order to get there, we focus on our core value of opportunity: the opportunity for under-served communities to be free and empowered. Our mission is to increase access to electricity in under-served communities - it is electricity and the services derived from it that unlock and create those opportunities. 

SparkMeter seeks to increase energy access and energy quality across the world.  Our technology transforms utilities from enterprises with unreliable operations, negative cash flow, and credit unworthiness to enterprises that are sustainable, provide high quality of service and can take on outside investment to continue their operations and connect new users to their grids. In turn, utilities can provide reliable power to their customers, increase electricity access and invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency in their systems.

We operate on these values:

Be a pioneer
Listen to understand
Act together
Grow capability
Take responsibility

We believe technology can rapidly expand energy access in emerging markets and make the world a more equitable place

Our people

Dan Schnitzer, Ph.D

CEO, Co-founder
About Dan

Arthur Jacquiau-Chamski

COO, Co-founder
About Arthur

Salman Ahmed

About Salman

Ben Momat

About Ben

Jon Thacker, Ph.D

SVP of Engineering
About Jon

Tristan Escalada

Principal Engineer, Co-founder
About Tristan

Nai Phasay

VP of Hardware Engineering, Co-founder
About Nai

Ryan Karp

VP of Operations
About Ryan

Wendy Houseman

Director of Supply Chain and Logistics
About Wendy

Morayo Osiyemi

Director of Utility Business Development
About Morayo

Patrick Nkombua

Director of Microgrid Business Development
About Patrick

Marcelle Huizenga

Director of Technical Product and Customer Experience
About Marcelle

Michael Isika

Market Manager
About Michael

Chinedum Ekechukwu

Market Manager
About Chinedum

Dan Bungey

Technical Compliance Manager
About Dan

Simon Wandanda

Product Expert
About Simon

Caroline Wahu

Product Expert
About Caroline

Moses Njoroge

Product Expert
About Moses

Sam Padreddii

Marketing Manager
About Sam

Dan Rice

Senior Infrastructure Engineer
About Dan

Mike Waud

Senior Software Engineer
About Mike

Aru Sahni

Senior Software Engineer
About Aru

Hisham El-Sheshtawy

Software Engineer
About Hisham

Parangat Shukla

Product Support Engineer
About Parangat

Martin Wagner

Solutions Engineer
About Martin

John Bozzella

Manufacturing Engineer
About John

Dan Berliner

Firmware Engineer
About Dan

Joan Ngoizi

Office Administrator
About Joan
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