SparkMeter: A New Brand Look

When we began our rebranding process, we thought deeply about who SparkMeter is as a company, and the direction we’re going in. We did company exercises to gain consensus on what was important for us to maintain, and attributes that matched our aspirations. What we landed on was the idea that SparkMeter develops products that operate in hard-to-reach places. We used this as a guiding ethos that would direct us throughout the extensive process of redefining ourselves.

The tools we build, and services we provide all work relentlessly towards our mission: 
We envision a world where all people have access to clean, reliable and affordable electricity. In order to get there, we focus on our core value of opportunity: the opportunity for under-served communities to be free and empowered. Our mission is to increase access to electricity in underserved communities - it is electricity and the services derived from it that unlock and create those opportunities. 
SparkMeter seeks to increase energy access and energy quality across the world.  Our technology transforms utilities from enterprises with unreliable operations, negative cash flow, and credit unworthiness to enterprises that are sustainable, provide high quality of service and can take on outside investment to continue their operations and connect new users to their grids. In turn, utilities can provide reliable power to their customers, increase electricity access and invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency in their systems.

In order to accomplish these important goals, we came to the conclusion that  as a company we need to emulate the following attributes through not just our branding, but our companies encompassing identity: Pioneering, Agile, Innovative, Reliable, Genuine, and Approachable. Factoring these core attributes into our rebranding strategy was essential to discovering an end result that told our story appropriately.
A key part of our mission, and our founding story, starts with a smart meter. It’s where our name came from, and it’s the piece of equipment that allows everything else we offer to work. Of all the important things a smart meter does, the biggest functionality is measurement. Utilities of all sizes, across the world, benefit from data, measurement and the actions that robust analytics inform. This idea is what inspired the iconography in our logo. 

Our icon draws its shape from a traditional meter gauge. Meter gauges allow users to check the status of a system upon first glance, and represents their performance at that very moment. Meters might not have traditional gauges anymore, but the data, measurement and analytics that meters provide has never been more important for utilities operating in emerging markets. 

As we move into a new phase of SparkMeter, our offerings are evolving to better reflect the implications of robust system data and analytics, by offering tailored solutions that help utilities channel information into actions. These solutions leverage the wealth of system data and powerful technology to deliver on cost-savings strategies, asset management and improved system performance. Offering custom analytics and solutions that use geospatial models to analyze specific areas of system performance is another theme represented in the logo, as its shape resembles a pin on a map. Further reinforcing, the reason we’re all here is to offer versatile products that help utilities run more financially sustainable, reliable, and efficient energy systems in evolving environments around the world.