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Finally get the value you need out of AMI and other grid investments
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It’s time for complete utility insights at your fingertips

Utility managers have invested tremendous resources implementing Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI). AMI can deliver intelligence on customers, trends, rates, supply costs, use patterns and more. Sometimes utilities only use this data for billing systems because making full use of AMI data has been too complicated.

Even the best utility managers aren’t getting the information they need to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Now is the time to access unparalleled visibility into your utility’s operational and financial performance

The technology you’ve already invested in, amplified by SparkMeter’s powerful new utility management tools.

Designed and built for utility managers who want more ROI on their technology

Made for you

Designed for utility managers and operators


Rapid implementation using your existing data

Force multiplier

Get more from technology investments and make teams more effective

Ready out of the box

Applications to solve today’s utility challenges


Prepare for the energy transition and transportation electrification

Delivers on Day 1

Immediate opportunities to improve grid and financial management

Our products leverage your AMI and other system investments

SparkMeter’s software helps you make economic & operational decisions on the most pressing issues.

Unprecedented distribution system visibility with GridScan™

SparkMeter combines data sources to reveal insights into utility distribution systems, such as:

  • Transformer loading and placement to maximize hosting capacity and avoid early burnout and long replacement lead times.
  • AMI “blinks” that show risks of outages before they happen.
  • Automated losses and reliability calculations for each secondary line and service location.
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See real-time financial performance with GridFin™

SparkMeter combines supply cost, rates and meter data to help you manage grid financial outcomes.

  • Understand true cost of service across multiple energy suppliers and automatically audit supplier bills.
  • Optimize cost-saving programs like CVR, load management, and power factor correction.
  • Design and test potential new rates with actual customer data.
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No AMI system? No problem.

SparkMeter provides the world’s most cost-effective metering and low voltage transformer-sensing hardware ecosystem

With built-in mesh network communications and internet-agnostic backhaul, we provide the world’s best-performing RF-mesh solution. Our solution even works in super low-bandwidth internet areas.

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Lean, next-generation utility billing and CIS solution with Koios™

Koios saves utilities big money on IT and application costs with integrated solutions for billing and payments, prepaid metering, customer and asset management, insights and grid management workflows.

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SparkMeter technology helps you excel at tackling your grid’s challenges every day


See where attention is needed to manage your grid and finances


Receive tailored analyses so you can focus on making smart decisions.


See how you can improve your utility's operations and finances


Get equipped with all necessary insights to solve your toughest planning challenges


Take the work out of analysis and free up scarce technical resources

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