Energy Access

Manage your minigrid portfolio at scale. World-class tools for minigrid utilities operating in hard-to-reach places.

As a minigrid operator you deliver an essential service where it’s never been done before. SparkMeter exists to make your job easier and your business model more successful as you scale.

SparkMeter provides you with the capabilities to cost-effectively serve thousands of customers across dozens of sites. No other company provides a comprehensive solution for minigrid operations quite like ours.

A single system to:

Easily observe grid conditions remotely. Avoid unnecessary site visits and respond to disruptions effectively.

Process customer payments through any payment channel, including mobile money or cash.

Leverage insights on grid performance to maximize revenue and and simplify predictive maintenance.

We built solutions for the specific challenges of minigrid metering and management because our team has operated them. We’ve deployed our technology in more than 30 countries supporting minigrids operators serving fewer than 100 customers and up to 20,000 customers.

We make successful minigrid portfolio management possible:

‣ Leveraging real-time data to prioritize and plan - or avoid - field visits.
‣ Identifying and resolving customer or technical issues - before customers call - and easily get valuable diagnostics when they do.
‣ Easily switch or update customer tariffs fully remotely or from on-site.
‣ Site-level and portfolio operations, financial performance and key metrics at a glance.

We understand what it takes to keep your minigrid customers happy and enable the success of your business model. 

Reducing the frequency of customer outages and ensuring uninterrupted service for your most valuable accounts

Performing maintenance and troubleshooting locally without internet connection

Real-time communication with customers through SMS integration

Improving customer experience with flexible billing options, from mobile money platforms to local payment through physical vendors

We know the unique operating requirements for minigrids. Our hardware and software together make minigrids easier to operate, faster to deploy and more scalable.

Overcome regulatory barriers with internationally-compliant metering hardware.

Use SparkMeter loss reports to ensure all consumed energy is billed and identify the source of losses where it’s not.

Manage demand and use the versatile Koios tariff builder to match your business model.

Automate customer communication based on customized alerts with SMS integration through the powerful Koios API.