PowerGen Renewable Energy & Finlays: Load Shedding


The Finlay tea estate management wanted to be able to provide all their worker with access to electricity, and brought PowerGen in to develop and manage this electrification project. They needed to ensure that connecting 8,000 households to their network could be done without putting at risk their production schedule. 

Electricity theft is a problem in many newly developed minigrids, and reacting as quickly and precisely as possible is key to building healthy community engagement. EarthSpark wanted to leverage our Loss detection solutions to pinpoint as precisely as possible where and when non-technical losses were happening.


We collaborated with PowerGen and Finlay to build a mechanism that would shed load on households in case of outage in the national power grid, KPLC, thus ensuring that Finlay’s local generation capacity would not be overwhelmed by additional load. 

Services Offered: 

  • Project Scope
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Custom Embedded Software
  • API integration