World-class tools for microgrid utilities operating in hard-to-reach places

Our smart meters and integrated software automate payment processes, prioritize maintenance, and monitor system performance.

Streamline operations & reduce operating expenses

Leverage real-time data to prioritize and plan field visits.

Identify and resolve customer or technical issues remotely.

Report accurate, up-to-date key metrics to stakeholders.

Reduce the frequency of customer outages by limiting the consumption of specific groups to ensure uninterrupted service for your most valuable accounts during times of low supply or high demand.

Improve versatility for employees and customers

Overcome regulation concerns with our internationally-compliant metering hardware.

Perform maintenance and troubleshooting locally without Internet connection.

Improve your customer experience with flexible billing options. Payments can be processed locally and securely through physical vendors, in addition to mobile money platforms.

Maximize revenue and customer engagement

Achieve a high degree of system reliability. With the ability to review the status of your systems, usage levels, and levels of losses, you can issue effective responses to disruptions.

Ensure all consumed energy is billed by using data reported by customer meters and totalizer meters to identify discrepancies. Control consumption and build a revenue stream that matches your specific business model with our versatile tariff builder.

Automate customer communication by setting alerts for customer accounts and informing users about events detected at your sites.

Draw insights from accurate and robust data to plan for the future and simplify predictive maintenance decisions.

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Equipment that’s easy to deploy, offers resilient communication and unhindered flexibility

Advantage Meter Suite

Our Advantage Meter Suite is built to meet most national metering standards and the challenges of working near or in dense service territories. Our meters are compliant with international standards, and we maintain strong partnerships with all our customers to ensure their compliance needs are met.

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Software that enhances customer service, improves decision-making and meaningfully integrates with your existing systems

Our cloud-based grid management platform moves data from the edge of the grid to the cloud, and back, in low-bandwidth environments with intermittent Internet access. With our software, microgrid utilities can reduce operating costs through remote communication that automates customer service and billing processes.