Helping distribution utilities minimize losses and improve quality of service

Our smart meters, paired with our integrated software, unlock operational efficiencies through automation, analytics and load management.

Conduct operations with ease

Benefit from a plug-and-play system to access the entire suite of smart metering functionality on day one.

Integrate easily with your existing systems. 

Grant customers control over their usage by increasing visibility and insight with custom-built web applications or SMS message integration.

Build revenue assurance 

Energy accounting. Maximize revenue through flexible billing and detailed reconciliation. By providing the convenience of pay-as-you-go for customers, utilities reduce the incidences of energy theft due to lack of access to payment channels. Compare payments with energy consumption reported by meters to ensure all consumed energy is billed.

See the location and amount of commercial losses happening on your system. With the ability to review system status, usage levels and level of losses, you can issue effective responses to disruptions. Monitor historical trends and leverage in-depth system data to evaluate technical operations.

Optimize asset use and defer capital expenses

Optimize asset use by managing loads to stay within rated capacity of distribution network lines and transformers. Benefit from SparkMeter’s tariff management, load limiting and demand response capabilities

Plan future capital expenses with insights from robust system data. Leverage in-depth system data to simplify predictive maintenance decisions and plan for capital improvements like transformer replacements and line upgrades. Utilities can save on their distribution costs and reduce technical losses by accurately sizing transformers and lines.

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Equipment that’s easy to deploy, offers resilient communication and unhindered flexibility

Advantage Meter Suite

Our Advantage Meter Suite is built for distribution utilities who require advanced functionality without a high price tag. Our metering system is scalable, integrated and built to withstand the regulatory scrutiny and challenges of dense operating territories.

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Software that improves decision-making, enhances customer service and integrates with your existing systems

Our Koios and ThunderCloud Platforms are your one-stop destination for grid management. Proactively manage your grid and customer operations in real-time through unmatched data access, automated customer service and powerful integration with your existing systems. Use our tariff builder tool, field alerts, analytics and reports to ensure your grid is running reliably and profitably.

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Customized digital solutions to turn data and insights into enhanced operations and engineering

SparkMeter data opens the door for performance and cost improvements to distribution utility operations. Our digital solutions offering customizes SparkMeter implementations to identify critical needs, provide custom analytics to measure asset performance and improve performance through custom-built algorithms for distributed energy resource management and demand response.

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