Utility Impact

To operate reliable, financially viable utility systems, smart meters are no longer an option — they are essential. With SparkMeter, utilities in emerging markets finally have a smart metering solution that is affordable, powerful, and easy to use.

Impact for Utilities

For Microgrids

SparkMeter has become the vendor of choice for smart metering systems on microgrids around the world. We have sold thousands of meters that are in use in over a dozen countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Using SparkMeter, our microgrid customers have been able to prove commercial viability, thereby bringing on significant commercial investment to scale their operations and grow.

For Central Grids

There are one billion people connected to central grids that suffer from poor quality of service. Central grid utilities cannot provide affordable, reliable power due to high rates of non-technical losses, low rates of revenue collection, and low levels of generation supply.

We have global reach and experience, and we're as comfortable working a full day’s drive from the closest city as we are working on grid retrofit projects in the densest urban areas.

Reduce non-technical loss

SparkMeter’s revenue protection solution enables utilities to monitor non-technical losses in real time. This unparalleled insight into utility operations can help utilities quickly evaluate whether interventions in the field have resulted in improvements.

The impact is dramatic. Utilities know when and where theft is occurring in real time. Benefits include:

  • Greatly reduced response times with real-time monitoring
  • Increased ability to detect instances of energy theft
  • Localization of occurrences of energy theft
  • Savings on existing revenue protection programs
  • Increased rates of customer payment

Increase availability and reliability

Microgrid and central grid utilities in emerging markets face challenges to reliability on the supply and demand side. These challenges include customers using inefficient appliances and insufficient supply of generation to meet demand.

With SparkMeter’s flexible tariffs, load limiting, and targeted demand response features, utilities can insure that total demand never exceeds available supply or grid asset ratings.

Targeted demand response on individual distribution subnetworks or microgrids provides these benefits:

  • Reduces outages from brownouts and blackouts by having certainty that reduction levels will be achieved when necessary
  • Increases asset life of grid equipment, including transformers, substations, and inverters by reducing outages and restoration costs.
  • Increased availability increases revenue by providing power to customers who were previously spending money on backup resources.

Improve cost recovery and eliminate metering and billing costs

With our versatile payments and billing features, SparkMeter makes it easy for your consumers to pay for their electricity. Whether you choose pre-paid or post-paid, mobile money or cash, in-house collections or third-party vendors, SparkMeter’s solution supports a variety of use cases.

Benefits from using our flexible, wireless metering solution include:

  • Complete elimination of manual meter reading costs
  • Increased accuracy of customer meter reads and billing through automation
  • Elimination of fraud and tampering of data on customer consumption and payments through our secure database

As a result, utilities see dramatic increases in revenue collection rates while improving data fidelity and reducing operational costs.

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