What we do

Low-cost smart meters

make access to electricity possible in hard-to-reach places and underserved markets.

We need to explore solution sets to help create a more sustainable energy future for everybody in the world to move forward.
— Richenda Van Leeuwen, EarthSpark advisor

Functionality. Disruptively priced.

The SparkMeter microgrid metering system enables utilities to implement pre-payment as well as real-time monitoring and control on microgrids and central grids alike. The low-cost system consists of four hardware components, a cloud-based operator interface, and a mobile money or cash-based pre-payment system.

Solving Challenges

Energy-based tariffs allow customers to pay for what they use. Pre-payment provides payment assurance.

Customizable load- and energy-limiting set-points disable over-use. Remote monitoring and control allows theft detection and reaction.

If you want to improve the situation of the poorest two billion on the planet, having the price of energy go down substantially would be the best thing you could do for them.
— Bill Gates

Hardware architecture. Four main components.

Gateway (GW)

Centrally located, the gateway acts as network controller and data backhaul to the cloud

Signal Forwarders (SF)

mounted at the tops of utility poles, signal forwarders enable communication between gateway and meters

Smart Sensors (SS)

transmit power flow and state variable measurements

Smart Meters (SM)

measure and actuate customer loads and communicate bi-directionally with gateway

Operator interface. On the ground or in the cloud.

Customer Load
Power (Watts)

Data collected over the local wireless network is uploaded over the cellular network to SparkMeter’s servers. Microgrid operators access and monitor customer usage and system status information over SparkMeter’s secure cloud-based user interface. Each component of the system, down to each individual customer meter, has its own profile that can be monitored and edited in real time. Using the interface, the microgrid operator sets key control rules, such as tariff and service levels, alerts for voltage and frequency, data resolution, and customer disconnection. These rules are transmitted down through the cellular network to the gateway, where they replace the previous set of rules instantly.

Payment system. Fast and accurate.

Make Payment


The SparkMeter microgrid metering system gives operators flexibility to choose and create unique billing structures to suit their application. Tariffs and service levels are infinitely customizable, and billing can be conducted on a pre- or post-paid basis for energy consumption, hourly consumption, or with flat monthly fees. Operators can also create “credit” accounts for customers to pay back fixed cost expenses, such as connection fees or appliances, out of their tariff payments.

Energy is essential for development, and sustainable energy is essential for sustainable development.
— Kandeh Yumkella, UN-Energy Chairman

Small team. Giant impact.

Dan Schnitzer

Dan Schnitzer, Ph.D | CEO

6 years experience in smart grid & rural electrification, founder of EarthSpark International, Received Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University with focus on electricity access.

Tristan Escalada

Tristan Escalada | CTO

6 years experience in cross-platform software development

Arthur Jacquiau-Chamski

Arthur Jacquiau-Chamski | VP of Product

7 years experience in project management in energy

Nai Phasay

Nai Phasay | VP of Hardware Engineering

15 years experience in hardware design, inverters, embedded circuits, smart grid

Allison Archambault

Allison Archambault | Advisor

10 years exp. in smart grid and rural electrification, president of EarthSpark International

Anthony Rowe

Anthony Rowe, Ph.D | Advisor

Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University with extensive experience in embedded systems and wireless communication

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