Social Impact

Access to grid electricity doesn’t just help individual consumers, but whole communities. By enabling utilities to connect more communities and increase reliability, SparkMeter unlocks social impact on a massive scale.

For Communities

Access to grid electricity increases the ability to provide services to entire communities. Reliable power from the grid has the potential to:

  • Improve healthcare, like diagnostics and delivering babies
  • Increase educational opportunities with access to computing and the internet
  • Improve governance by providing local government institutions with electronic record-keeping

For Households

With reliable power, households can expect to gain signficiant economic and social benefits, such as:

  • Reduced expenditures on kerosene and candles
  • Eliminating the safety risk from kerosene burns and house fires
  • Increased eductional outcomes from extended lighting hours for reading and homework

For Businesses

Business economics are transformed by having access to grid electricity.

  • Reduced expenditures on petrol gensets
  • Increase operating hours from lower-cost grid electricity increases revenue
  • Ability to offer more products and services by having access to greater levels of power and energy

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