The Standard Meter Suite eliminates the challenges of operating in hard-to-reach rural places

Our industry-leading, integrated solution of both equipment and software consistently outperforms on safety, reliability, accuracy and cost. 

Our metering promise

Easy to deploy

SparkMeter’s plug-and-play metering system is easy to install and works out-of-the-box. Our meters are easily installed by technicians with basic electricity skills. Meters connect automatically to our software the moment they are connected to power.

Robust communication

Our meters operate on a patent-pending and purpose-built radio-frequency (RF) mesh network built specifically for emerging markets with low-bandwidth and intermittent power. Our technology transmits data over the free-to-use 2.4GHz RF band, which means that our customers can use our system without requesting specific authorizations from regulators in the vast majority of countries.

Unhindered flexibility

Our metering system is in use by over 40 utilities in 25 countries. It is designed with flexibility at its core to enable different business and operations models through tariff types, payment and billing modes, customer communication and more.
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The Standard Meter Suite is unparalleled for microgrids operating in hard-to-reach rural areas with less established regulatory requirements

Our Standard Meter Suite has been successfully deployed in over 25 countries across four continents. Developed from the ground up for rural markets, its strong reliability and compliance with international standards for safety and accuracy have made it the meter of choice for microgrid utilities across the world. Its design incorporates decades of combined experience in rural electrification. It is highly versatile, extremely accurate, easily installed and weather-resistant. 

This meter suite has advanced energy resolution and a wide range of meter ratings so you can serve small residential customers running minor appliances and larger commercial customers with productive use cases. This meter suite has exceptional ratings for safety, accuracy and reliability with an affordable cost.

The Standard Meter Suite product family


The SM16R is our smallest meter and a key tool for many mini-grids in emerging, rural markets. It is perfect for residential customers running light bulbs, basic entertainment and small kitchen appliances.


The SM60R is well suited for larger residential customers or small commercial customers. It is designed to operate small productive appliances such as washing machines, as well as basic household appliances.


This is our medium-sized commercial or industrial meter. Its three-phase design supports operation of three-phase appliances common to restaurants and small mills such as refrigeration, heating and cooling.

(totalizer meter for loss detection)

Our totalizer meter detects grid losses at local interconnection points to help our customers maintain uptime and profitability. This meter can also be used to support larger commercial customers operating with post-paid metering.
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Software that enables improved decision-making, powerful customer service and flexible integration with business systems

With our single-endpoint Koios Cloud Platform, you can manage your entire portfolio more easily than ever. Integrated software moves data from the grid edge to the cloud, and back, in low-bandwidth environments with intermittent Internet access. Access customer service automation, field alerts and versatile billing systems on day one of installation.