Software that enables data-driven decision-making, automated customer service and powerful integrations

Conduct grid management operations remotely in real time through our cloud-based Koios and ThunderCloud platforms.

Our software promise

Automated customer service

Cut down operating costs by automating customer service and empowering your representatives with modern web-based tools that they can use from anywhere. Use our tariff builder tool, field alerts, analytics and reports to ensure your grid is providing reliable service profitably.

Unmatched data access

Through real-time access to your data from anywhere in the world and across your entire portfolio of SparkMeter sites, our software allows you to improve your grid performance and operational efficiency proactively. Our software seamlessly connects the edge of the grid to the cloud, making the right information available where and when it is needed, even in low-bandwidth areas with intermittent Internet access.

Powerful extensibility

By utilizing our robust and well-documented API, you can easily integrate grid and metering operations with your other enterprise systems, whether mobile money platforms, CRM or billing software, work order managers or any custom software.

A software platform that works reliably in intermittent-connectivity environments

Our software is designed specifically to work in low-bandwidth environments with intermittent connectivity. We’ve created a robust grid management architecture so that your grid can continue to operate effectively no matter the environment.

Our meters independently implement demand management programs so that your production assets and grid are always protected.

Our local base stations use a state-of-the-art RF mesh network to regularly collect and process metering data and control meters, enabling continued onsite operation during extended connectivity outages. When connectivity resumes, our local systems sync information with the cloud for management from anywhere across the world.

Microgrid and distribution utilities have access to our full suite of software functionality  on the very first day of installation

Real-time 360° monitoring

Access a full stack of technical data, instantly synced every 15 minutes. Synced data includes: financial information, power quality, evolution of customer credits and debt, electricity rate and load limit applied at all timestamps. Synchronized reporting ensures that insights are comparable. This makes it possible to derive deep insights into the status of the grid and take action to optimize.

Versatile sales, billing and tariffs 

SparkMeter adapts to the utility’s sales and billing process – not the other way around. Whether it's prepay or post-pay through a local vendor or via mobile money integration, record keeping happens automatically. Unlimited and customizable tariff lists can be set up remotely, including Time of Use and Block Rate Pricing. Load limits can be adjusted by the hour and applied to individual meters to improve reliability.

Automated field alerts

Make sure that your team stays aware of meaningful events happening in your grids, whether team members are in the field, in the office or in transit. Our field alerts are sent to your team’s inbox and give them the possibility to act immediately.

Loss monitoring

The SparkMeter totalizer meter measures how much electricity is flowing through your grids, while customer meters track how much is being paid for and consumed. Install both and our automated reports will detail your technical and non-technical losses, giving you granular insight into exactly what’s going on in your portfolio.

Software security

Maintain software security through user privileges —create and manage users, vendors and operators in Koios and grant them individual site access. 

Powerful integrations

Integrate historical meter and live site data with your other business management systems—like mobile money or a CRM—through our powerful APIs

Accessible on mobile devices

Access data in the field on mobile interfaces—whether you’re installing new meters or troubleshooting a site issue, users can manage business on-the-go.

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