Digital Solutions delivers operational efficiency

Using data and powerful technology to deliver on cost-savings strategies, asset management and improved system performance.

Our Digital Solutions offering solves problems for utilities to improve grid efficiency and asset performance

Utility digitalization enables solutions like demand response, Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration, Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR), and by offering insights that inform long-term planning and asset management. Digital analytics help utilities target interventions at precise locations on the grid and with confidence on cost efficacy.
Stronger Asset Management

Accessing core data analytics grants deeper insight into the performance and condition of a utility's grid assets. Using this information, utilities and their investors can improve asset performance, produce more accurate balance sheet financials, measure grid losses, and improve tariff negotiation.

Reduce distribution network costs

Avoid distribution losses from voltage drop or under-loaded distribution transformers by automatically increasing end-of-line voltage, adjusting power factor, or changing net load.

Reduce wholesale energy costs

Shift and shave peak demand from expensive peak hours to lower-cost periods and to avoid coincident peak charges.

Avoid or defer capital expenses for distribution network upgrades to meet growing peak demand

Flatten peak aggregate demand with non-wires alternatives on individual distribution transformers to avoid the need for upgrades.

Minimize the need for asset replacement due to reduced lifetime from transformer overloading

Reduce peak demand on the most overloaded distribution transformers to extend their lifetimes.

Start with Digital Transformation

Utility Digitalization is a required first step in our Digital Solutions offering. Installing SparkMeter's equipment and software solution enables robust data collection and detailed load management.

1. Install smart electricity meters

Install smart electricity meters at customer locations, on distribution transformers and fuses to start collecting raw grid data.

2. Create digital models and inventory records

Create digital models of distribution network assets in GIS and grid simulation software.

3. Identify performance improvement opportunities

Identify estimates of grid inefficiency or asset performance issues where costly capital expense projects would be needed.

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Take action with Koios Custom Analytics: The heart of Digital Solutions

Let us help you improve reliability and profitability with customized operating parameters and grid management protocols designed specifically for your grid and drawn from the wealth of data our systems collect in real time.
  • Tariff management, billing, and payments
  • System status-at-a-glance
  • Operator alerts
  • Meter and Grid Data (kWh, kW, V, I, p.f., etc.)
  • Loss reports
  • Reliability reports
  • Meter data and control API
  • Line loss and voltage drop analytics
  • DT loss and DT efficiency analytics
  • Real-time feedback
  • Total customer Cost of Service analytics
  • Provide data to utility finance departments for enhanced Asset Management
  • Custom analytics can be fed into SparkMeter or third party DERMS platforms for delivery of grid services
  • Custom triggers for Demand Response
  • Charging and dispatch of storage DERs
  • Generate utility value through energy and grid cost savings from grid services
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Go further with
Managed Services

SparkMeter can work with you to build customized solutions and programs to address macro-level business challenges identified by our grid management solution.
Engineering Analysis

SparkMeter’s Engineering Analysis includes CapEx planning, resource adequacy requirements and distribution network analysis. We use geospatial and power system network models to perform these analyses, and are also a starting point for broader utility digitalization efforts.

DER Programs

Non-wires alternatives and DERs like demand response and distributed storage have the potential to unlock energy cost savings and a CapEx-light approach to grid capacity through grid services. Using Koios Custom Analytics with data from smart meters and other grid assets, we partner with utilities to develop DER program parameters. As a DER management system (DERMS), our Koios Cloud Platform delivers grid services like peak demand reduction, load shifting, and asset performance optimization.