Our Advantage Meter Suite drives best-in-class reliability for successful grid management

Designed to meet regulatory standards in the toughest emerging markets, delivering full functionality and flexibility on day one.

Our metering promise

Easy to deploy

SparkMeter’s plug-and-play metering system is easy to install and works out-of-the-box. Our meters are easily installed by technicians with basic electricity skills. Meters connect to our software automatically the moment they are connected to power.

Robust communication

Our meters operate on a patent-pending and purpose-built radio-frequency (RF) mesh network built specifically for emerging markets with low-bandwidth and intermittent power. Our technology transmits data over the free-to-use 2.4GHz RF band, which means that our customers can use our system without requesting specific authorizations from regulators in the vast majority of countries.

Unhindered flexibility

Our metering system is in use by over 40 utilities in 25 countries. It is designed with flexibility at its core to enable different business models, tariff types, payment and billing modes and operations.
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The Advantage Meter Suite (AMS) is built for customers operating in dense markets, with high levels of regulatory scrutiny

We’ve built these meters to operate well in dense markets where multiple meters are required on a single pole and detailed remote management is critical to success. The Advantage Meter Suite comes out of the box with all the benefits of SparkMeter’s cloud-based grid management software.

All Advantage Meter Suite products are designed to meet certification standards in the biggest and most-regulated markets, like Nigeria (NEM-SA), the Philippines (ERC), and India (BIS).

The Advantage Meter Suite product family

The SMRSD single-phase DIN rail smart electricity meter

The SMRSD meter is a compact DIN rail mounted Class 1 accuracy single-phase smart electricity meter that can be used in prepaid or post-paid mode. As a DIN rail meter, the SMRSD is designed for environments with a high density of customers or where there are multiple connections per utility pole. The streamlined form factor of the SMRSD allows multiple meters to fit inside a single enclosure that can be easily mounted on a utility pole to serve multiple connections.
SMRSD single phase smart meter

The SMRPI three-Phase IEC smart electricity meter

The SMRPI is designed for utilities serving large commercial customers, and is intended for unstable grid voltage environments where brownouts and voltage dips are extremely frequent. This meter is a three-phase, four-wire connection with 100A per phase.
SMRPI three phase smart meter

Our Customer Interface Unit (CIU)

The Customer Interface Unit (CIU) provides a convenient interface to consumers within their home or business. Physically separated from the meter, the CIU allows consumers to check credit status and energy consumption. The CIU is optional, but is ideal for utilities operating in contexts where providing a customer with a physical display of consumption and credit is a regulatory requirement or an expected practice locally. The CIU works with the SMRPI and SMRSD meters.
customer interface unit

(grid monitor for loss detection)

Our grid monitor detects grid losses at local interconnection points to help our customers maintain uptime and profitability. This meter can also be used to support larger commercial customers operating with post-paid metering.
grid monitor device for loss detection
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The Advantage Meter Suite operates on SparkMeter’s powerful grid management software

SparkMeter’s grid management software enables improved decision-making, enhanced customer service and flexible integration with business systems. Access a wealth of data on our cloud-based grid management platform to take decisive action, accurately plan for upgrades and automate sales processes.

Our software augments all Advantage Meter Suite products with out-of-the-box remote management, including: connect/disconnect, fully flexible and adaptable tariffs, customized alerts and end-user notifications as well as metering and power quality data monitoring. These features are all conveniently and instantly accessible from our cloud-based interface and API.