Our Solution

SparkMeter's simple yet powerful plug-and-play smart metering solution provides utilities in developing countries with an alternative path to the smart grid.

How It Works

Hardware architecture. Base stations and meters.

There are two main hardware components in the SparkMeter system: the base station, and meters. Once these components are installed, our robust software platform gives you the tools you need to manage customer payments, collect meter data, manage demand, and much more.

Operator interface. On the ground or in the cloud.

Data collected over SparkMeter's built-in wireless mesh network is uploaded over a low-bandwidth internet connection to SparkMeter’s cloud. Utilities then use ThunderCloud, our software application, to monitor system operations and set controls for load limiting, demand response, and pricing that synchronize with the meters on the ground within one minute. In addition to functionality in the cloud, the utility can log in locally to a base station on the ground for full access to ThunderCloud software on-site — even with no internet connection.

Simple & Scalable

The SparkMeter system is a simple, but powerful smart metering solution designed for utilities serving traditionally hard to support low-income customers. With smart metering that’s easy to install, use, and scale, SparkMeter gives you the tools you need to manage your grid while keeping costs low.

plug-and-play Installation

Our durable, plug and play software is designed by industry experts to work in tough conditions and bring you the data you need, when you need it, to manage your grid remotely, SparkMeter helps utilities operate more efficiently and grow.

Remote Monitoring & Control from Anywhere in the World

With access to the system remotely through the cloud or locally by accessing the base station on-site, SparkMeter's grid management software ThunderCloud gives you the tools you need to monitor and control meters, manage payments and vendors, and more — in real time, from anywhere.

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