Our Services

SparkMeter provides much more than just meters. Our advisory and asset management services will help you ensure the success of your microgrid projects.

Load Modeling

Financial Pro Forma

Tariff Design

Grid Development Advisory Services

There are hundreds of microgrid developers around the world in need of expert advice. Whether your organization is an existing SparkMeter customer or not, we can provide you with advisory on load/community survey design, tariff design, vending process for electricity credits, handling customer service, assumptions in financial model, and more.


For current SparkMeter customers, this service is provided for free at a basic level. For more advanced services, or for customers who don't use SparkMeter equipment, this service is billed hourly.

Asset Management & Data Analysis Services

Many central grid utilities face high losses and other asset-related operational challenges. SparkMeter can provide your organization with actionable insights to reduce technical & non-technical losses, reduce outages, and track performance. Our services will improve the performance and value of your utility's assets.


This service is offered with performance-based compensation, as a function of your cost savings & performance improvement.

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