Real Time Monitoring and Control

SparkMeter's web-based software ThunderCloud gives you real time visibility into your grid from anywhere in the world, even on a low connection.

Real Time Monitoring and Control

Real-time monitoring & control

Our meters send a full report on consumption and power quality every 15 minutes, giving you real-time visibility on your electric grid.

Meters can be connected or disconnected at any time. Changes made remotely are immediately pushed to meters in the field.

Detailed technical & financial data

See real and apparent power/power factor, current, voltage, frequency. Track customer payments, the evolution of customer credits and debt, electricity rates, and load limits.

Real-time, low-bandwidth sync

With cloud software updated every minute, have guaranteed real-time visibility from anywhere in the world. Syncing only requires one low-bandwidth connection at the Base Station, and consumes only a few GB of data per month for several hundred meters. The system is robust against interruptions in the connection, capable of operating autonomously and storing data for months if necessary. Once the connection is restored, the system re-synchronizes automatically.

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