Our Meters

Whether you're a central grid or a microgrid, choose from a range of plug-and-play smart meters that meet your full range metering needs for both your rural and urban customers.

Our Meters

SparkMeter offers a range of smart meters for applications ranging from residential customers to large industrial customers, and more.

SparkMeter meters are easy to install right out of the box and can be installed by anyone with basic electrician training in just a few minutes, making it easy to convert existing grids or install them for new grids or grid extensions.

No Hassle Install

Our meters use a standard IEC enclosure that can be installed in a few minutes by anyone with basic electrician training.


The meters and base station are truly plug and play: once connected to a power source and turned on, meters start sending data, and the base station collects data automatically, with no configuration. The base station's industrial design protects it in case of power outages and it reboots gracefully once power returns.

Urban + rural needs

SparkMeter's line of smart meters can be installed on microgrid and central grid systems, for urban and rural needs.

Whether you serve larger residential or commercial customers, or a mix of low-income households with just light bulbs and wealthier households with refrigerators and TVs, SparkMeter's range of universal smart meters can meet your full scope of metering needs.

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